When you hear the name borscht what comes to mind rather depends on where you are, or at least where you call home.  These days the soup is associated with Eastern Europe, with somewhat different tastes depending on whether the recipe comes from the Ukraine, Russia, Poland, Belaruss, etc.  All are based on beetroots (this has changed over the centuries) which means the soup ends up red.  Likewise all are tart or even sour, nearly always served with sour cream. Since many versions of borscht are Jewish, this one will be based on beef (although pork remains an option). 1 lb. beef (preferably chuck, cut into tiny pieces) 3 medium beets (peeled & shredded) 3 cloves of garlic (minced) 3 […]

Ricotta Cheese Cake

Cheese cake remains a favorite dessert, and no one needs an explanation why!  Quite simply, the dish remains absolutely delicious, easily varied by the addition of chocolate or fruit or for that matter some kinds of liqueurs.  But it must be said–cheese cake is heavy.  The cream cheese at its heart tastes and feels like a whole meal.  But a lesser known dessert solves that problem–ricotta cheese cake! Historically, this sweet cake goes back at least as far as ancient Greece!  One written recipe (from England) goes back as far as the 14th century, while the modern dish can be dated to 1872 (this refers to American cheese cake, with its cookie crumb base). Now, Italians have always used ricotta […]