Delicious Key Lime Pie Recipe

This signature Floridian Dessert has been rumored to originate from Key West, Fl. While the origination may still be questionable, there is no doubt that Key Lime Pie is a crowd favorite. With as little as 17mins in cook time & 10 mins of prep time, you can have a great pie that’ll be sure to leave a lasting impression. Ingredients:  Graham cracker crust 1½ cups ground graham crackers ⅓ cup granulated sugar 6 tbsp butter, melted  Key Lime Filling 2 14 oz cans sweetened condensed milk ½ cup light sour cream ¾ cup lime juice OR key lime juice zest from 2 regular limes or 4 key limes  Whipped Cream Topping 1 cup heavy whipping cream ½ cup powdered […]

All About Quiche!

Lots of people may feel confused about quiche.  What is it exactly?  An egg pie? A pastry?  A very fancy omelet? In truth the answer might be “all of the above–and more.” So here is all about quiche, a quick and nifty guide. Simply, quiche is a savory open-faced tart with custard filling.  It varies in size, temperature and ingredients.  The word itself might have something to do with the German word for tart “kuchen.” As a dish it originated in France but has spread the world over and become extremely popular.  Contrary to a certain book title, real men have been eating quiche for centuries.  Real women too. Ingredients typical in quiche make up a very, very long list.  […]