Stollen for Christmas!

German cuisine, with some justice, is seen as the epitome of sausages and cabbage. However, this ignores the glory and wonder that is German desserts!  With that in mind, one might want to consider making the German holiday classic Stollen for Christmas! In a nutshell (or actually nutloaf) stollen is a traditional German bread filled with chopped fruit and nuts and coated with powdered sugar. As with most really old recipes, this one ends up with a very dense piece of food indeed. It is very “stick to the ribs” which means (among other things) you don’t need to make as much in order to satisfy everyone’s appetite! And by old, I mean one of the first documented cases of […]

Quick Homemade Stuffing!

The Holidays have arrived and with it the unofficial contest among all cooks everywhere in Western Civilization to outdo each other. But more important than any such race for ingredients, secrets, tricks and/or originality remains the simple task of making good food! And for those looking for something a little less mundane, here is a simple recipe for quick homemade stuffing! Whether of turkey, cornish game hen, full-sized chicken or duck–all up to you. For our purposes, let us make a sweet stuffing, to create a nice contrast from the tendency towards rich, meaty such. Here is what you’ll need: Croutons (12 oz.) either store bought or home made. 4 tablespoons (1/2 stick) unsalted butter 1/4 cup onion, diced 1/4 […]